Subject to Change.

A friend of mine that offered to be a beta reader for me, was asking me for pages of my current WIP (writing in progress for those not in the know). As I was putting it together to send, I included this in the paragraph explaining what she was getting – “subject to change”. As I sat staring at that simple little sentence describing some of what I had written, I began to think about life and we as individuals.

Such a tiny little sentence and it packs such a powerful message. We are all subject to change, whether those changes turn out to be good or bad has yet to be seen but….change is inevitable.
For me personally, it became a very profound little moment that propelled me towards my computer keyboard. I had just been talking to someone about change and how much I myself have changed in just a year, even two years ago and the change is noticeable and different – for me at least. She responded by telling me that everyone changes, everyone. What I don’t think we were on the same wave length with is that, I myself have taken notice of the changes and find myself in awe of the person that I am becoming.
Sometimes we don’t notice change, it’s gradual and sneaks up on us. Other times its apparent and in our face announcing itself. Some people change for the worst, some for the better and sometimes they don’t really change at all, they just get better at playing the game and hiding the demons that they carry – which I guess could be a form of change in itself.
Now this is where I get a bit mushy…you ready?…here we go…we should embrace the beauty of that simple sentence – “Subject to Change.” When we think its over, its hopeless, this situation that I am in will never end. This person that I have become will never change. These people that have torn me down and shredded me to teeny tiny pieces will never see or change what they are doing.
It’s not true. There is hope. There is beauty in tiny little moments, that whether we see it or not have the power to propel us forward into change. Sometimes the incredible happens when we aren’t paying attention and the next time we take a moment to stare back at our life, we realize that we aren’t standing in a dark valley anymore, we are standing in sunshine.
Be patient, trust that you are a child of the God of the universe. He holds everything in his hands and has the ability to lead us through the impossible and show us the beautifully stunning unbelievable future that while we were sitting there saying that our darkness would never change, he was already planning how it would.
Don’t give up hope, embrace the fact that we are all subject to change.
Black Sheep Girl
I leave you with this amazing verse….

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