About a week ago I stumbled across this very thought provoking video. When I watched it, I was not only in awe at what it shows but also slightly upset with myself. It shows that how we see ourselves is never how anyone else sees us. What we often mistake for flaws often others don’t even see it. I for one will have this video on my mind for quite some time.

So go watch it!! It just might sway you on your thoughts of self dislike….

Did you watch it?? It’s amazing right?! Makes me want to throw out my mirrors and embark on some major inner pep talk.
I hope that I learn to be kinder to myself, in not only the way that I describe myself to others but in how I describe myself to me. Oftentimes we are harder on ourselves than anyone else could ever be.
Hopefully I can walk away loving me for me and seeing what others see rather than what I see, and hopefully if I work hard enough at it, I’ll se what others do.
I hope you can do the same, ‘cuz really we are all beautiful individuals, maybe it’s time we begin to believe it.
Black Sheep Girl
And of course where would we be without some words. . .


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