The Bad Ones by STYLO FANTÔME is crazy yummy fantabulous good.

So, that was interesting.

I’m convinced that Sylo Fantome can write the shit out of anything.

Any. Thing.

I find her to be a fearless bad-ass when it comes to her writing. She bleeds across every single page and brings life to her characters in a way that just. . .grabs you by the throat and refuses to let you go, even as you beg for breath.

Because of her writing style and her bloody fingerprints across every word, sentence and page, I feel a strong kinship with this writer. Add in that she is a fellow Alaskan, and it’s kismet, I needs to be friends with this woman. Seriously.

The Bad Ones, in my opinion, is a brilliant book. It delves into the darkness, but doesn’t shy away or run away from what it discovers, instead it plays.

This is the book I have been dying to read for YEARS.

Ever since I discovered the dark romance genre or dark books in general, I have been dying to find a book couple that rocks the shit out of darkness. Wears it like a fur coat, one that might still be heaving the rattle of death breaths from it’s lungs, a fur coat dripping in blood and screams death as the wearer has a smile and relishes in what they just did.

Okay, so at this point I may be freaking some people out. That’s okay. Be freaked out. I have had a long fascination with those of the sociopathic and psychopathic nature, I’ve always wondered who do they love? I’ve also wondered what does the love one become for loving someone so dark and twisted?

Well, Stylo took my unanswered questions that I’ve harbored for years and answered them but not only did she answer them, she showed me what a balanced loved between two people who are equally crazy looks like.

And that love. Damn. Just damn.

This book is a little bit of Bonnie & Clyde, with some Joker & Harley Q tripping on acid and loving the hell out of it.

Stylo Fantôme took her pen and exploded across the pages with blood and love and darkness. And it’s brilliant and beautiful and sooo dark that it aches.

This is a book to be relished. I enjoyed absolutely every single page. Every deliciously fracked up thing that Constantine and Dulcie did together. It rocked my world and raises the bar for the dark romances that come after it.

Dulcie is no simpering young woman, taking all of the insanity that Con dishes out. And Con is not just a monster destroying the woman he loves. These two work together, igniting together to burn in epic flames. Both of them equally culpable, both of them on equal standing, one of them bleeds, the other bleeds and they love it.

I dare you to read this book, but be prepared for twisted blood soaked love. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever read before and will be sticking with me for the the rest of my reading days.

Check out the book on Amazon or Goodreads.

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