Something’s gotta give. . .


It’s time for a new beginning. A true newness. Time for the closing of a chapter and the beginning of a new one. It’s just. . .time.

For four years I’ve had a book blog, two of those years I’ve neglected it to the point of almost dry extinction. Fact is, life is a crazy roller coaster ride and for me, a woman with a plethora of mental health and physical health issues – it’s especially crazy.

Two years ago, I had a Major Depressive episode. It wasn’t my first and it most definitely won’t be my last. It was frightening how far down the rabbit hole I went. The darkness that permeated months of time was terrifying. I was dealing with health issues that drove me to a different country to seek help.

While I was in Mexican Hospital, I systematically splintered. The me that got on that plane and the me that came back home – she wasn’t the same. I fell head long into the dark and stayed there.

Because of this, I had nothing to give to my book blog. Nothing. Within a few months, I was tangled in a family situation that left me completely shattered. I quit reading. Completely. I didn’t touch a book for probably close to six months. It was the longest I had gone without reading since I was a child, and even then, I grew up with books in my hands.

It was devastating to lose my love for the books that surrounded me on every available surface and maxed out space on my iPad. But I did.

It was even more difficult to remain entrenched in book world. Book world had saved my life two years prior and now I couldn’t bring myself to read, to blog, to care about anything, let alone a blog.

And so I quit. Kind of. I kept trying to find that same motivation. That same love to continue posting book centric posts. It was like shoving a round peg into a square hole. . .it doesn’t work so well, and all you get is frustration.

For close to two years I’ve been trying to shove that round peg into that extremely sharp square hole.

And now I’m here. One transition of websites, led to two and more, and I just couldn’t find – it. That thing that set me on fire.

I was and am overextended. But I HAVE to write. To blog. I need and crave this incredible outlet.

So, I’m going back to basics and I’m rewriting the rules on what a blog “has to be” – my blog is going to be any and all of the things that I’ve always been told to keep separate.

Thing is, my life, and really if you’re doing life right – it’s messy and complicated and more than just one thing.

My name is Echo. I’m a Black Sheep Girl living A Black Sheep Life and loving every single fucking second of it, for the most part. . .I read books, and I write them. I write sporadic reviews when I freaking feel like it and connect with other people’s words so much so that I want to post them on my blog so that other people can connect with them too.

I swear and I speak like a good little girl. My horns hold my black and sparkly halo. I love God and I love some strange ass books. I wrote a memoir and am working on my second one. I’m stumbling around in fiction land and writing my first novel as well, we’ll see how well that goes. . .

I’m a multi-dimensional person and this is my blog.

Something’s gotta give and it has, but I’m thinking this is going to be one of  the best new chapters I’ve ever embarked on.


Echo aka Black Sheep Girl

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