Reviewing A Promise of Fire


Woah nelly. This book was amazeballs. Balls of amazing. Cray cray awesomeness. Delicious fantastic fantasy romance with a dollop of awesomesauce. Did I mention that A Promise of Fire is awesome?!

This! This is what Fantasy Romance is supposed to be. Give me incredible world building, kick ass heroines, bad ass alphas, laugh out loud shenanigans, toe curling romance and so many secondary characters that I love just as much as my main mcs and I am a happy, happy book girl.

Plus!! oh-my-gods-oh-my-gods! There are gods in this book, and mythology and magic and dragons and mayhem and complete awesomeness packed into this first in a planned trilogy that I’m dying for the next book. The next book can’t come soon enough. Gimmeeeeeeeee!

A Promise of Fire is about ‘Cat’ Catalia (which is such a badass name) and from the very first page, very first sentence it sucks you in. Grabbing you by the throat and the heart and pulling through the ringer until you reach the last page.

From the start the writing is off the chain. Cat is, damn, I liked being in her head, a lot. She’s just so damaged, and so fun, and so dangerous and bad ass and awesome. Throwing Griffin our Alpha in charge and it’s. . .fireworks.

While I was reading I just would break out into random giggles and squees. I loved this book, so hardcore loved it. Every character is written in such a beautiful way. And the romance, oh gods, the romance. It was perfect. Perfectly written and weaved and thought out. I was so happy, thrilled, tickled pink with how much I adored the Author’s way of weaving love and heartache and power and awesomeness into this novel. Perfect, organic, believable. No insta-love! Which, yay, cuz’ I detest me some insta-love.


Please, please, oh freaking pretty please, if you read one Fantasy Romance novel this year – read this one! Now!! It. Is. Awesome.

Amanda Bouchet can write her ass off and play with the big dogs as far as I’m concerned. This book is a giant, “Hello! I’m here book world and I’m staying.” Her storytelling chops are off the hook and honestly I am expecting some greatness from this author – I think there is nowhere for her to go but up, up and away.

A Promise of Fire is a PERFECT first novel – it’s a perfect novel, period. It is so good that I’ll be thinking about it for awhile and stalking the shelves for the next book.


Black Sheep Girl

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