The light said goodbye and it was heartbreaking.  The shards of her soul exploded from her as it departed.  Who would she become without this light that used to live within her? 

Glass & Steel

Dear Jane’s. Dear John’s. Dear Impossible Broken Dreamers. Impossible creatures made of spun glass. You’re a dichotomy of strength and vulnerability. Easily breakable, teetering on the edge of shattering. Over and over. But there is such strength to you. Such steel beneath your spun glass exterior, at the core of you, you’ve been forged in […]


i breathe. i break.

I feel like I am coming apart at the seams. Like a dead girl living in hell. My brain is screaming with a million different voices, all fighting for dominion of my life.My mind, my thoughts, are land mines threatening to explode, raining down death and destruction at the tiniest of movements.I just want the […]



I am imperfect. A completely jagged woman, of imperfect puzzle pieces, held together with string, crazy glue and some duck tape. Imperfect puzzle pieces that make up – me. With ruined skin holding in a physically impaired body, a broken soul that wanders as if its been locked in the desert for all of eternity […]