Things I Love

Glass & Steel

Dear Jane’s. Dear John’s. Dear Impossible Broken Dreamers. Impossible creatures made of spun glass. You’re a dichotomy of strength and vulnerability. Easily breakable, teetering on the edge of shattering. Over and over. But there is such strength to you. Such steel beneath your spun glass exterior, at the core of you, you’ve been forged in […]


Adverse Reactions.

I am the Queen of adverse reactions and self-infliction. Just give me a knife and watch me carve bloody ribbons in my pale white skin. Shredding. Ripping. Breaking bone. Discarded. Broken. I breathe. I break. I attempt to fix the broken pieces. Instead I carve deeper. Casting more blood upon the stone floors of my […]



So a couple of weeks ago, I got the bright idea to change everything in my room. So I did what any self respecting single girl would do… I went on Pinterest and Google and began to look up tons of different ideas, and joy smeared all over crackers – I found ’em. Lots of […]